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    605 Run Crew

    605 Running Company Launches 605 Run Crew Membership Program

    Sioux Falls, SD – April 25, 2024 – 605 Running Company, owned by Greg Koch, is excited to announce the launch of its new membership program, the 605 Run Crew, designed to provide exclusive benefits and opportunities for members of the local running community.

    The 605 Run Crew membership program offers two membership options:

    Single Membership: Designed for individual runners, the Single Membership provides exclusive benefits including exclusive shopping discounts both in-store and online, access to private shopping and demo events reserved solely for crew members, exclusive race discounts and VIP experiences at races managed by 605 Running Company, official 605 Run Crew gear including a singlet or hat, and exclusive reward point check-ins at group runs and events throughout the year.

    Family Membership: Ideal for families who love to run together, the Family Membership extends benefits to up to 4 members of the immediate family. In addition to all the benefits of the Single Membership, Family Membership includes extended benefits for the entire family, ensuring everyone has what they need to pursue their running goals, official 605 Run Crew gear for each family member included in the membership, and shared experiences with exclusive reward point check-ins at group runs and events.

    Both membership options also include unique volunteer opportunities, allowing members to get involved in the local running community and make a difference.

    "We're thrilled to launch the 605 Run Crew membership program and provide our local running community with exclusive benefits and opportunities to enhance their running experience," said Greg Koch, Owner of 605 Running Company. "Whether you're an individual runner looking to take your journey to the next level or a family who loves to run together, there's something for everyone in the 605 Run Crew."

    To learn more about the 605 Run Crew membership program and to sign up, visit our web page.

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Greg Koch
    605 Running Company
    Phone: 605-951-7982
    Email: greg@run605.com


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